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Can early intervention slow or even stop hair loss?

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Lots of guys (and, yes, ladies, too) see thinning hair when they look in the mirror. By the time you notice the hair loss, it’s usually more advanced than you think. You can bet the people around you have also noticed. When the panic sets in you go out and buy expensive shampoo, vitamins, supplement pills and creams. When that doesn’t work, you’ll be online looking at the helmet, massage kits, and even hair extensions and toupees. The guys will be wearing the baseball cap that tells everyone that he is losing his hair. A better solution can be found at Mississippi Hair Restoration.

Dr. Kanosky can detect the cause of your hair loss by examining your medical history, your habits and family traits that may pre-dispose you to early hair loss. He can then design a treatment regimen that addresses the root cause and treat the underlying problem to slow and even stop hair loss. At Mississippi Hair Restoration, Dr. Kanosky employs a variety of scientifically-proven medical treatments. When started early, these treatments can help you avoid severe hair loss, complete baldness or even other health problems you didn’t suspect.

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