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Losing It? • "Why Does Hair Fall Out?" and Reversing Hair Loss

While the headlines are enough to make you pull your hair out these days, but there are many other causes of hair loss. From hormones, genetics, trauma, medications, illnesses, and Yes, even stress, Dr. Kanosky answers questions about the minimally invasive options for slowing hair loss and regrowing hair.

New science and enhancements in hair regrowth technology utilize three primary non-surgical techniques proven to regrow hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and face. Dr. Kanosky is able to design and personalize a solution for your unique hair loss needs. We’ve listed these techniques in more depth…

Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Michael Kanosky is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mississippi who specializes in hair re-growth, new follicular unit hair transplants, Injection Therapy, and Infrared Light Therapies.

He performs a wide variety of aesthetic surgeries for the face, breast, and body with a particular interest in body contouring and breast surgery. He also performs numerous laser procedures and has a special interest in burn care and hair re-growth for burn-scarred patients at his practice, Mississippi Hair Restoration in Ridgeland, MS. Dr. Kanosky also practices reconstructive, aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery practicing at The Face & Body Center in Flowood.

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