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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! • Hair Loss Explained

In this episode, Dr. Kanosky answers questions about causes for hair loss, options for slowing hair loss and regrowing hair, and the latest non-invasive procedures and techniques.

New science and enhancements in hair regrowth technology utilize three primary non-surgical techniques proven to regrow hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and face. Dr. Kanosky is able to design and personalize a solution for your unique hair loss needs. We’ve listed these techniques in more depth…

Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Michael Kanosky is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mississippi who specializes in hair re-growth, new follicular unit hair transplants, Injection Therapy, and Infrared Light Therapies.

He is a leading, board-certified plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience performing a wide variety of aesthetic surgeries for the face, breast and body. He is also the host and medical director of the American Medical Podcast and Mississippi Medical Podcast.

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