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February 28, 2017 | NeoGraft

When I tell people I had a hair transplant, they usually ask a lot of questions. So here are some pictures and answers to the most common questions about my hair loss…

“My favorite part about getting a NeoGraft® hair transplant is that the results continue to improve, so I keep growing more and more comfortable with my decision.”

QUESTION: How does a NeoGraft® hair transplant work?

ANSWER: I had significant hair loss at the top of my head. The doctors call it crown balding. After the transplant, it took about a year to regrow a full head of hair. But long story short, a plastic surgeon extracted 1,100 grafts from the back of my head and transplanted those follicles to the areas where I had thinning hair. Six months later, the follicles started growing, and after a year I no longer had a bald spot the size of a compact disc on top of my head

QUESTION: How much should a hair transplant cost?

ANSWER: A good hair transplant isn’t cheap, but it was totally worth it. If you think about it, discount hair restoration doesn’t seem like a wise thing to bargain for. A transplant for 1,100 grafts can range between $7,000 to $10,000 depending on your surgeon and where you live. At the time, both my friend and I were choosing between getting NeoGraft® or a new car. I chose NeoGraft®. He chose a new car. A couple years later, his car has depreciated in value and my investment is growing hair.

QUESTION: Was the hair transplant worth it?

ANSWER: Imagine if every time you show your boss something on the computer, and 30% of you can stop thinking if he is looking at your bald spot. Imagine every time you go to a football game, and you can’t focus on the score because the guy behind you might be judging your hair loss. Sure, it’s a bit paranoid and a little vain. Over time, I could have gotten over it, but after doing the research on RealSelf.com, getting a NeoGraft® transplant was an easy decision. The procedure didn’t strip a large chunk of skin out of the back of my head, the recovery is faster than a traditional transplant, and patients rate NeoGraft as one of the most trusted brands in hair restoration.

I’ve written in depth about the process and posted more photos of the procedure at RealSelf.com, but these results and pictures speak for themselves. Honestly, I used to never let people take pictures from behind my head. Whether with friends, family, or at the bar, I’d consciously position the back of my head to the wall. When people ask how a hair transplant changed my life, I could say it improved my life for the better. But really it just returned my life to normal. Now, I can enjoy something as simple as a going for a walk for a cup of coffee without any pangs of insecurity.

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