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Knifeless Facelifts: No Surgery, Little-to-No Pain, Fast Results

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NovaThreads + a one of our painless hair treatments and a guy can looks years younger after lunch! No down time, no scars, no bruising. Nobody knows but your doctor.

Fellas, put your best face forward! NovaThreads are known as the newest, innovative non-surgical solution for those wishing to eliminate or minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines but want to avoid going under the knife or the downtown associated with a traditional facelift procedure. Novathreads are biocompatible sutures placed under the facial skin to give an immediate facial lift and more masculine contour to your jowls, neck and face. Done in office with local anesthesia, the downtime is minimal, privacy is kept since no one sees bruising or incision lines (there is no incision!)

ThreadLifts are a highly effective alternative to surgery or aesthetic procedures.
It can be done in as little as 30 minutes and results start to become visible immediately. You can be back to your normal routine ASAP. Effective for all skin types, men and women!

Until now, options like Botox or fillers largely ignored the lower area of the face and neck. But now, NovaThreads fills the gap while also providing lift to other areas of the face.

These permanent threads of PDO (polydioxanone) are textured with little anchors. They are inserted into interstitial tissues of the face or neck, parallel to your skin’s surface and pull it upwards for the immediate lift. The little anchors hold the lifted skin in place. The PDO is completely and safely absorbed by the body in approximately 4-6 months, leaving no evidence you had any work done at all!

While the threads are slowly absorbed, they activate your body to produce more collagen and elastin. These two proteins keep our skin tight and if stretched, make it spring back. This can help restore facial volume and wrinkle reduction and improve skin texture without incisions or having to hide surgery scarring. These resultant collagen fibers then act as a structural frameworks to give a natural lift to your skin. Over time, as the NovaThreads get dissolved, new collagen fibers will continue lifting the skin.

No incisions. No Surgery. NovaThreads lifts, contours, and volumizes the target areas of the face while the PDO Threads stimulate collagen production.

While your results will be less pronounced than a mini or full surgical facelift, you will still notice a dramatic improvement in your face’s appearance.

So, for a more youthful look ask about ThreadLifts at your consultation with Dr. Kanosky. We can even pair your ThreadLift with one of our hair restoration treatments, like the new AquaFirmeXS Ultra with DE|RIVE!
Call us today to schedule: +1-769-823-4247.

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