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NEW: Facials and Injectables

AquaFirmeXS lets us offer the World’s Best Facials right here in Ridgeland; It’s not just for hair regrowth! Plus, we now offer the latest in facial fillers and injectables to help you achieve the look you desire. 

Knifeless Facelifts with NovaThreads

PDO Thread Lifts are available! No down time, no scars, no bruising. Nobody knows but your doctor. It can be done in as little as 30 minutes and results start to become visible immediately. You can be back to your normal routine ASAP.

Meet Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS

Dr. Michael Kanosky is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mississippi who specializes in hair re-growth, follicular unit hair transplants (FUE), Injection-Free Treatments for PRP and copper peptides using AquaFrime XS UltraSound, and Infrared Light Therapies.

He performs a wide variety of aesthetic surgeries for the face, breast, and body with a particular interest in body contouring and breast surgery. He also performs numerous laser procedures and has a special interest in burn care and hair re-growth for burn-scarred patients. Dr. Kanosky also practices reconstructive, aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery practicing at The Face & Body Center in Flowood, Mississippi.

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Infra-red therapy is effective on thinning hair, especially in women!

For enhanced results, Micropigmentation can be added for a fuller appearance.

Extreme balding in men and women may be treated with a combination of therapies.

Procedures like FUE NeoGraft also work well on facial or body hair.

This really works!

3 proven treatments. All in 1 location. Little-to-no down time or discomfort.

Dr. Kanosky utilizes a proven combination of three medical-grade techniques to slow hair loss, stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow again, or move growing hair to the place on your scalp where you need it the most. The three procedures can be performed at the Ridgeland office of Mississippi Hair Restoration. Dr. Kanosky will examine and analyze your hair loss pattern; then, design a personalized regimen to get the best results for you.

Infra-red (IR) Light Therapy… wakes up dormant hair follicles and stimulates growth for a fuller, thicker head of hair. Infra-red Light Therapy works exceptionally well in the early stages of hair loss and can slow or even stop hair loss. Works will with other treatments.

Injection-Free Subdermal Therapy…  This game-changing new technology invigorates hair follicles by fueling the root with PRP growth factors, Copper Peptide enzymes, or proprietary Serums. NO Needles. NO Pain. ALL Gain! Quick and relaxing.

FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction)… No scalpel, incisions or staples! No Linear Scar! Minimal downtime. Proven state-of-the-art technology and affordable. Your hair continues to grow normally. The transplanted hair looks and feels like your own natural hair – because it is! 

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