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Can I afford a permanent hair regrowth solution?

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Yes, you can.

Stop wasting money on hair loss treatments that won’t work. Losing your hair can be very expensive. There are many specialized products: therapeutic shampoo, conditioner, massage therapy, vitamins, oral supplements, exercise and diets. Then there are the camouflage techniques: spray-in or comb-in color, toupees, wigs, glue-on hair plugs, costly haircuts, hair dyes, the hat collection and umpteen miracle cures advertised on late night tv. They all add up and you can easily spend thousands of dollars per year just trying to hide thinning hair.

A permanent hair loss solution can be within your reach and budget. At Kanosky Mississippi Hair Restoration, we offer financing options.

So what’s the ballpark on this?

Medical treatment options begin as low as $600 for a round of infra-red light therapy sessions to an average of $10,000 for a 2,000-graft hair transplant.

You can easily spend hundreds of dollars per year on drug store products just trying to hide thinning hair. Then, you spend hundreds more on over-the-counter products to stop hair loss; but, these don’t work either. When the hundreds start adding up to thousands, it’s time for a medical-grade solution that really can stimulate your own hair to start regrowing or a professional hair transplant by a plastic surgeon who moves healthy hair to the place your need it most.

Add up what you’ve already spent on other treatments, and a permanent hair transplant will cost less over your lifetime than those shampoos and treatments that didn’t work last year and never will work. The best part is that you will stop losing your hair and get a new hairline that’s natural and REAL.

A professional hair follicle transplant using the latest technology always looks like your own hair – because it is your own hair. When it grows out, it is virtually undetectable – because it is your own permanent hair. After a transplant, there are no more special treatments: no creams, powders, or pills; no fear your hairpiece will slip or costly salon visits; and, no more expensive shampoo or conditioner will be required. Use any shampoo you want. Dye it. Comb it. Blow it dry!

So, stop wasting money on disappointing products and call Mississippi Hair Restoration for a permanent solution to a head full of hair. Financing is available.

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